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Copper Roofing

Copper shingles laid in a diamond pattern with custom made copper gable vent

Blowing Rock, NC, Copper standing seam flat porch roof 

Custom copper elbow

We offer copper roofing services.

Flat roofs, flashing, chimney flashing, chimney caps, copper shingles, standing seam and fully soldered flat seam. If it is made from copper, we can help you. We also do custom exterior and interior copper work. We have a full metal shop to handle all of your copper needs.

Copper is a very long term roofing metal used in conjunction with longer term roofing systems like slate and tile roofs. It is used on these roofs because of its long term properties and aesthetic value. There is no sense in putting a hundred year roofing system on your building and using a 30 year metal that will need to be replaced 3 times before the roof needs replacing. In addition, copper seams can be soldered at the joints and these solder joints will last as long as the metal itself if applied properly. In other metal trim applications. a sealant is used to form the bond.

It's asthetic and architectural value is well known being bright and shiny to start and naturally aging to several different hues before "greening" out towards the middle to end of it's life. This natural aging quality is one of coppers better value.

For all of your copper needs:

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 Copper flat seam box gutter and roof before solder
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