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Copper flat seam fully soldered flat roof with Ludowici Brookville green interlocking shingle tile. Copper valley adjoining the 2 roof surfaces
Vermont thin multicolored slate roof cut in a hex pattern throughout. 
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Traditional Roofing Services

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Traditional Roofing

Traditional roofing is just like it sounds. It is the old way of roofing when a roofer worked day in and day out to give their customers the type of roof that they were paying for. Older roofs show this commitment. I have taken old roofs apart and it amazes me how each and every piece was carefully cut, fitted and placed on the roof. Some older tile roofs were even blue printed and each piece had it's particular place on the roof. That commitment to the tradition of fine roofing and craftsmanship is hard to come by today and here at Jim Gorman Services, we take pride in extending those traditional crafts through to today. When you call us to service or install your roof, be assured we are there to give you the same quality roof you expect from the "old way" of roofing. That is our commitment to you. 

We install and service Buckingham, Vermont and Pennsylvania types of slate roofing. There are others from around the world but in this part of the country, those are the 3 big ones. We also install and service tile roofs including the finest clay tiles available,  Ludowici vitrified clay roof tile.  

All associated metal work including copper and galvanized flashing work, flat seam fully soldered copper roofs, standing seam copper roofs, chimney caps, box and built in gutter systems are serviced and installed. Half round copper gutters, leader heads, custom copper work, radius and straight gutter work and round downspouts are more of what we handle.

Turrets, finials, towers, steeples and other architectural features can be custom made in shop or worked on the job site. 

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